Thursday, November 27, 2008

2006 Christmas Letter

Merry Christmas from the Claytors!

Good Gravy…what a year it’s been! Crazy like last year so I almost just photocopied last year’s letter and sent it out (yeah, like any of you would notice…) but my better judgement kicked in just in time to realize you all need some new reading material for the bathroom. So enjoy. And wash your hands.

Chris and Kelly made it official! On October 7th they tied the knot. A wonderful ceremony on a perfect day, followed a little while later by a vacation/honeymoon to Banff, Alberta (nothing like Canada in the winter, eh!) It was brisk, but they had their love to keep them warm (eww….) Kelly started a new job in the fall and continues to add her unique touches to the homestead. And Chris is just happy to go along and provide some of the labor (as if he’d say no?)

Caitlin continued riding lessons through the summer and fall, starting to canter, jump and steer all around the arena. We’re not talking about a horse just yet, but who knows? Junior High has gotten off to a great start, with (mostly) high marks and (mostly) drama-free homework nights. She hasn’t quite gone “boy-crazy” but we’re starting to see the signs and are preparing for the inevitable. You should all feel sorry for that first boy Caitlin brings home to meet everyone. But maybe after Dad gets to beat one little boy to a pulp, it’ll be OK (mostly…)

The Boy took after his sister in summer camp and ran a mile a day, each morning, reaching a record for his age group at 30 miles for the summer. Now he’s started Kindergarten and is doing, well, as expected (?) If anyone had doubts about him being the class clown, I wish you’d have been there for the first Parent/Teacher conference. “Colin is very bright but spends too much energy trying to make his friends laugh, and impress the girls in the class; he just doesn’t know when to behave and focus.” Truer words were never spoken. We’re so proud!

The canine duo of the house continues to faithfully guard the herd. Otter does his tricks while Sherpa keeps watch over her dominion. They’ve also become an effective team of rodent killers, with two squirrels and a rabbit to their score. There’s got to be a cat around here somewhere…

It’s getting tough to be original, but this family is an endless supply of new material. We’re hoping for a slightly calmer 2007, but we also had such high hopes for Brittany and K-Fed. Life is full of disappointment, just roll with it Baby. Look for the good stuff, it’s always there!

Until next year – you’ll all just have to behave yourselves!

Chris, Kelly, Caitlin, The Boy, Sherpa, and Otter