Saturday, July 18, 2009

Caitlin in 42nd Street

(The video may be rather slow to upload.)

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Regarding Polls...

It seems you fine folk, (all 3 of you that actually visit our website anyway) are not terribly inclined to vote in our humorous, enticing and informative polls. That's ok. It only makes us a little bit sad. But our propensity towards providing these little tidbits of fun (for us) polls will not waiver. NO! We will provide a poll for you all to not vote in, month after month after month.

A Day of Yard Work Gone Awry

What happens when one innocently asks for help with a bit 'o landscaping? I submit to you photographic evidence, as seen here on the left.

I am not a fan of lawns. They are contrived, tedious, and boring, providing lackluster flora for the least desirable fauna. Therefore it seemed entirely logical to remove our aforementioned weed over run lawn and put in something far more lovely than dandelions and creeping charlie, so as to remove some of the earwig habitat.

Thus, I had the brilliant idea of digging up turf on the first hot day of the summer, after a dry spell, at high put in some lovely perennials and shrubs in a teeny tiny corner of our yard. I swear, it's maybe a 10' x 10' patch. Six hours later, blistered hands, sunburned neck, and one husband gone off the deep end later...we've got ourselves some pretty flowers in a spot where pretty much nobody actually notices. FANtastic!


With the advent of summer, our wacky in house ghost Luther has kindly returned the space heater. Yes, I know you have all been on the edge of your seats waiting to hear such scintillating news. We live large here in the Claytor household.

I must say, I find it all very odd. We turned this house upside down while freezing our patookass's off all winter long. Seriously. We looked EVERYWHERE. Only to find it on a shelf in the basement.

So now we have come to learn that Luther is attending summer camp - as it turns out, he's taken all the lunch tote's.

We have yet to find the green beans though...and I think I'm ok with that.