Monday, August 17, 2009


The Boy as subject for the blog has been rather lacking, I must admit. Mostly because he hasn't yet decided to get involved in every conceivable extracurricular activity humanly possible, like his sister has. But I expect also because he's eight. Don't fret, grandparents, we have made this month, "Month of the BOY" just for you.

I coerced the poor unsuspecting young lad out into a lovely downpour to play "Splash Ball". You may wonder what Splash Ball is, and I will predict now that it will be all the rage at the next Olympics. You find the largest puddle you can, and throw a ball, preferably blue, as hard as you can, and strategically placed so as to maximize the splash output onto your opponent.

Turns out, The Boy is gifted in this sport. He consistently placed the ball precisely so as to get me drenched.