Thursday, October 15, 2009

Volunteer Day at HARPS!

Chris, me and the Boy spend a day at HARPS - Hooved Animal Rescue & Protection - helping with their annual fundraiser picnic. Chris got roped into doing the pony rides, I wandered around with an old, old, OLD donkey, and Colin helped with one of the fun rides set up for kids. There were also a variety of riding demonstrations with some gorgeous horses. This is a great non-profit - find out more

Caitlin turns all domestic...

...and decides that a week and a half is plenty of time to make her homecoming dress. We were skeptics, admittedly, but she did a great job! Now if only we could get her to clean her room...

The Dogs Embrace Science, and go to the Fermi Lab.

The mutts haven't had their blogger due, so here they are, gallivanting around down at Fermi Lab.

Otter races through the grass, considering the velocity of the canine species.

Sherpa ponders equations, thoughtfully respects stationary gravity, and develops theories of relative fusion.

Caitlin rides the ponies...

Caitlin and I went to North Carolina over Labor Day to fulfill last Christmas's present of a "Horse Weekend". We visited with cousin Brenley, rode horses, got sick, drank wine, and went rock climbing. Here's a little video...and yes, there's sound/music.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Results of Last Months Poll are in...

And it was a tie. It seems you fine folk either want us far, far, far away in Mongolia living in a Yurt, or living amongst our fine Canucks to the north. Make up your mind people!