Sunday, May 23, 2010

We have a new introduction...

Colin declared he wanted a Venus Fly Trap. Ok? I'm not sure where he got the idea, but it was important enough for him to keep asking, and to spend his own allowance for it. Now, I'm not sure how much you all know about these carnivorous plants - but they really are quite odd. Apparently, they're native to the Carolina's, and developed their dietary peculiarity out of necessity due to poor soil nutrients. Evolution is a curious thing. Having this little plant has also caused another entertaining side effect: Caitlin is afraid of Venus Fly Traps. Apparently, their little open "mouths" really freak her out. Cool!

So the bugs, thankfully, haven't really found their way to the kitchen windowsill. So I sent The
Boy out bug hunting today, to feed his plant. Outwitted numerous times by the creepy crawlies, he finally squooshed an ant just enough to put it in an awaiting open mouth. The Plant closed right up, and began it's 10 day digestion of said insect. So we left The Plant outside for a bit, and lo and behold, most of it's mouths are now happily absorbing a plethora of unfortunate critters.

So The Plant needs a name - see the side poll and vote!