Sunday, May 23, 2010

Year of the Yard

Year of the Yard
(click here to be directed to a lovely video. No, seriously, go look, cause I spent a fair bit of time making the damn thing only to find out at the end that I couldn't imbed it here.)

Tis the season of home improvements. I have previously discussed my disdain for lawn, or at least what passes by as lawn, as our greenish patch of suburbia is mostly weeds. We've been digging up the property, 300 square feet at a time. At this rate, we'll be done in 2035.

Some of you may be aware of Chris's overwhelming sense of joy when he's given the opportunity to dig more holes in the back yard. He really loves it so. This year has been declared, "Year of the backyard". Very exciting, eh? You can find Chris weeping in a corner of the basement at the dawn of each weekend day.

But the fruit of our labor (get it?, fruit?) is beginning to show. The garden is in, and we've even gone so far as to plant the green beans outside the garden, on the property line fence. Although, it has just now occurred to me that in his contempt, Chris may have actually mown any rate, next year will most likely bring a new expansion to the garden (ie, less grass to mow).

We've also installed a shade garden in a previously shady muddy area; complete with dog path and a bird feeder. I thought a path would keep the dogs out of the newly planted shrubbery...yea, right. Not a chance.