Sunday, August 8, 2010

Muddy Buddy!

Chris and Scott decided to venture forth and do The Muddy Buddy race. It's a 2-team member race with the guys sharing the duties of running and biking a 5-ish mile course with a few obstacles and a great big mud pit at the end. Most teams dress up as something rather goofy and we saw plenty of wacky costumes. Heidi and I went along to photograph and spectate.

Here's a slide show (there's sound):


What are the mutts up to you ask? A whole lotta nothin', that's what. It's been a bit too hot for hikes and such, and we've yet to make it to the dog beach...poor things are bored out of their minds. But they are well rested and clean!

Attack of the Giant Tomato

We have been over run by ginourmous produce from the vegetable garden this year. Mostly cause we forget about it and don't go picking nearly often enough, but also because along with giant veggies comes giant mosquito's. They swarm. I'm just a giant welt, waiting for my West Nile due.

If you're local, we likely have plenty to share, so just ask!

Futbol and skateparking...

Colin has been hitting the YMCA summer camp all season long. He joined the runners club in the mornings and runs a mile with all the other munchkins. He's gone disc golfing with dad, and he's kept up with futbol, sorta, and also had a round at the skatepark doing a specialty camp with the Y. He even came home sufficiently band-aided and scraped up a few times too...Cool!

Caitlin, Caitlin, Caitlin...

Busy as always, Caitlin has been scarce this summer. Things kicked off right away with Band Camp. Yup, 1pm-9pm every week day, with the first session culminating in the nice and toasty July 4th parade.

This was followed by the musical production of The Sound of Music. Caitlin had a few parts - that of countess-type person, as well as a nun, and if I recall, one of the townspeople.

Here's a short video of Caitlin - the girls got some pipes, she's the loud one!

Happy Fun Night...with Sharp things...

Grandpa Bob was in town for happy fun night, and we though it would be a good idea to give the children carving tools and we could all carve some soap! (Don't worry grandmothers...we gave the kids leather gloves to protect their non-carving hand).

So if you come in for a visit, now all the soap figurines are in the guest bath, lined up in the shower like a little soap shrine. Good times!


Yup, first "real" vacation since going to Banff 4 years ago. We went to Door County Wisconsin, 'cause apparently, if you live in the Midwest it's some sort of requirement. It's like going to the Hamptons for you east coast folk...only, with cows.

Of course, the vacation rain curse was in full effect...BUT the locals were thankful, as they'd been in a drought for quite some time. Really people, I just go about bringing my wonderful-ness to the world. Right.

We stayed in a sleepy little town in an old Bed & Breakfast. Went art shopping one rainy day, met a lovely old German guy that sold musical instruments and his wife, who sold native plants. Bought some art too. Went kayaking in the foggy mist, biking in the rain, wandering aimlessly about. Saw giant gnomes. Ya know, Wisconsin stuff.

Here's a few photos - there's sound.

The Results of Last Month's Poll are in and the Answer is...

VERN! The Plant will hereafter be known as Vern. He is growing new "mouths" every week and quite frankly I'm surprised he hasn't eaten one of the children. We have found out that his food of preference is an inchworm, and Vern most certainly does NOT like box elder bugs (they somehow corrode his leaf mouths...wacky.)

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