Sunday, August 8, 2010


Yup, first "real" vacation since going to Banff 4 years ago. We went to Door County Wisconsin, 'cause apparently, if you live in the Midwest it's some sort of requirement. It's like going to the Hamptons for you east coast folk...only, with cows.

Of course, the vacation rain curse was in full effect...BUT the locals were thankful, as they'd been in a drought for quite some time. Really people, I just go about bringing my wonderful-ness to the world. Right.

We stayed in a sleepy little town in an old Bed & Breakfast. Went art shopping one rainy day, met a lovely old German guy that sold musical instruments and his wife, who sold native plants. Bought some art too. Went kayaking in the foggy mist, biking in the rain, wandering aimlessly about. Saw giant gnomes. Ya know, Wisconsin stuff.

Here's a few photos - there's sound.