Monday, November 1, 2010

The Boy is the King of the World...well, Illinois Anyway

We headed west...The Boy and the Mutts in tow, to Mississippi Palisades. Most of Colin's excitement about this little day climbing trip was that he get to see Iowa. Yea, I can't explain that one either. But we managed to persuade him to be tough, and he climbed the Pinnacle, a lovely little climb to a lovely expansive view of the Mississippi River. We had perfect early fall weather and met up with a few friends. Sherpa & Otter were great crag dogs, excited to finally get out of the suburbs and on a little adventure.

Colin mustered his way up some fairly difficult climbs that none of us would have ever thought he'd do. He was quite proud of himself, but as the last photo shows, was completely tuckered out by the ride home.