Friday, December 16, 2011


Both kids went to away camp this year, but somehow, they found their way back.  Colin headed yonder, to the north woods of Wisconsin dontchaknow, to YMCA Camp St. Croix.  He had a pretty bang up time, was very interested in the offerings of the cafeteria, interrogated the cook during his camp tour, and can probably still tell you what he ate every day.  We’re pretty sure they did some other camp-y type stuff too, and believe it or not – they got to do archery and HATCHET throwing on the very first day.  Hatchet throwing.  That’s right.  Be afraid.  Colin came home asking if he could put up a hatchet throwing target it the back yard.  Um….negative on that buckaroo.  BIG negative.  He’s been asking to sharpen the axes ever since.  I’m scared.  Hold me?

Caitlin was sent to the Florida Keys to Dolphin Camp as a 16th birthday present.  (Holy crap, did I forget to mention she’s DRIVING!?)  That’s right, Dolphin Camp.  She’s thinking about going into marine sciences, so swimming with Dolphins is a natural progression.  She’s expressed interest in a cage dive with great white sharks too (but don’t tell her father - she’s short, and the swim with sharks might incite flashbacks to the whole Midget Clown Shark debacle). Caitlin was able to learn about dolphins, characteristics, habitat, behavior, etc.  She’s given up her quest for a pony and will now be offering up favorite person status to whomever would, for the love of god, just give her a dolphin already.