Friday, December 16, 2011

The Destructive Arts

I must be going through my “destructive phase” as I’ve taken up rock carving and welding this year (with grand plans on starting wood carving next!).  There’s something rather cathartic about chisels and molten metal, wouldn’t you agree?  The rock is meant to be a water catchment for a rain chain (which we don’t have) instead of a downspout from a gutter (which we don’t have) that will then overflow into the little false creek bed (which we DO have!).  So this way, when it’s raining, and we’re not outside, it’ll be pretty and we’ll never see it.  Smart, huh?

I kept seeing nifty welded metal yard art that was ridiculously overpriced, and I always had the thought that it would be something that I could do, if only I knew how to weld.  Well, my wishes were answered when the local community college offered a 6 week welding class.  With the limitations of the project directly correlated to the size of one’s vehicle (heck, that’s what U-Haul is for, right?), we were given free rein of the metal shop.  While my projects were not nearly the large scope I had originally planned (a washer bowl, a fire pit, and 15 metal yarden flowers), I must say, it was an awful lot of fun.  Each class was three hours, but went by in a blink.  And there was only one minor welding mishap on my part…the welder fell out of the holder onto my leg and instantaneously burned a hole in my pants, which totally bummed me out…but not as much as realizing that a bit of my leg was introduced to the sensation of molten metal.  Scars bring fond memories, right?