Friday, December 16, 2011

Flooding, tornadoes, blizzards, oh my!

That thing called climate change, lest there be any doubters, has reared its ugly head in these here parts.  Blizzard?  Check!  Massive torrential downpours and epic flooding?  Check!  Tornado?  Why the hell not. CHECK!

The Blizzard was a doozy, major wind, cold, huge snow drifts, and power outages.  This was followed by a nice little Tornado, which went southwest to northeast through our town.  Toto is gone but not forgotten.  Then close to 8” of rain fell overnight and overwhelmed the storm system so badly that water backed up into people’s basements and crawlspaces.  We only got about 5” in our basement, but that was enough to do a fair bit of damage.  Months that followed had us replacing flooring, furniture, and various knick-knacks, and had a parade of contractors coming in to fix cracks in walls and heaves in floors.  Good times!

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Blizzard leavings.
some freak summer storm...looks like a midwest hurricane

5" storm sewer water backed up into the basement during epic storm
the last remnant of the godforsaken tile goddamn sonofa floor @#$! after the flood
Sherpa is not a fan of thunderstorms, and this year there were some doozies.

The path of the little tornado is in red, where we all were during the storm.  And yeah, the sky was neon green.