Friday, December 16, 2011

Sherpa...Danger Mutt

Our fun loving mutt Sherpa decided to go big and fall apart, all in the span of about a week.  She started off the shenanigans by breaking her toe.  Not just any ol’ little break – a full on “holy crap that’s a bad break” kinda break.  Best guess is that during her hourly patrols of the house, fending off the criminals, the insane, the postal service, she got a foot caught in the reed rug (who ever heard of a reed RUG?) and fought to free herself.  The splint and wrap stayed on all of about a day, cone of shame be damned. She then proceeded to get sprayed in the face by Helga, the resident skunk.  The house was then nothing but Helga stench – that stuff imbeds itself EVERYWHERE.  We all went to our respective work/school the following day with our own little skunk cloud emanating from our very being.  It was fantastic.  Well much scrubbing/washing/bathing later, eau de Helga is mostly abated.  Of course we then awoke to Sherpa, palsy dog, having a seizure one morning.  This is not terribly out of the ordinary, but ya gotta feel bad for the poor mutt, right?  We are now taking bets on what’s next:  spontaneous combustion or alien abduction?