Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Boy starts breaking sh!t...

For Christmas this year, in keeping with tradition, the kids received "experience" gifts.  We started doing this a few years back when we realized that with 4 parents and 9 grandparents, these monsters were most certainly not lacking for material objects.

We gave Colin Taekwondo classes for a year, with the option to continue if he enjoys it. We found a great no-nonsense Bulgarian coach with a facility in a Hispanic neighborhood to teach a Korean martial art.  Perfect.
 Well Colin  (aka GIGANTOR)  is doing great, and has been moving up the ranks.  He's really focused, tries hard, and it's really done wonderful things for his already good attitude and demeanor.  That, and he gets to break boards for his tests - and I have to tell you - these aren't some wimpy little balsa wood kiddie boards, AND, his instructor has him break 2 at once...pretty damn cool.