Sunday, December 16, 2012

Colin Goes Geek

We were a little surprised when, the summer before middle school started, Colin very excitedly told us he wanted to join the school robotics club.  We figured it was a misunderstanding on his part, that he likely had the notion that he’d either get a robot to clean his room for him, or that he’d become a cyborg and be able to shoot lasers out of his eyes. And after his performance at the big First Lego League Robotics competition, we’re pretty sure he’s capable of both. At his very first meet, with a rookie team and a rookie coach, he and his teammate managed a perfect run and scored maximum points.  Out of scores of other more experienced contenders, they came in just shy of being able to go to the National Competition. We are immensely impressed with what he’s learned in these first short months and are, shall we say, crazy proud of him.