Sunday, August 25, 2013

100th Post!

This marks our 100th post.

Yes, yes, very exciting, I know. If only we made a habit of posting to this damn thing, instead of, you know, letting eight months lapse in between. But I'm pretty sure all three of you that read this thing have kept in touch already, so quit your belly-aching.

Cause we've been BUSY. BUSY I tell you.

If you read to the bottom, there's more if you click "older posts". And there's stuff in the sidebar.. don't forget about the sidebar!

Yeah. See you in December.


Chris is weeping in a corner as I write this, some nonsense about how his baby girl has gone off to college and how he wishes she could just stay a little girl forever. 


Cause I think I remember some D.R.A.M.A! over these last few years, and up until we left that kid in the dorm alone to fend for herself, I think he was saying something about selling her to the circus.

Caitlin has spent most of her waking hours in some form of organized musical effort, and it’s paid off, cause now she’s gone off to the University of Illinois School of Music with a focus towards Education. 

So, here’s the numbers, for all you accountant type geeks out there:
University of Illinois received 33,000 freshman applications for the 2013-2014 year.
Caitlin was one of 7,000 accepted.
The College of Music had 6,000 applicants.
She is one of 115 accepted.

Damn kid. 

She’s also made it as a Mellophone player for the Marching Illini, the Marching Band for the University. So she had to go down a week early for Hell Week (Sunday to Sunday band, 9am to 9pm). We drove through miles and miles and miles and miles and miles of corn, arriving on campus before the chaos of the regular move in day.    

To Chris’s absolute and total glee, we moved her in to a nice old all girls dorm, brick building, white pillars, that sort of thing. Another fun fact is that her roommate is from Beijing, China. 

 Have a mentioned the fact that Chris has been wearing his U of I “spirit wear” since Caitlin left?  

So join us all in Dublin for the 2014 St. Patrick’s Day Parade, where Caitlin will be marching with the Marching Illini. (…can’t let this whole college thing dampen her super secret international spy business, now can we?)

Chris will be the one wearing green U of I spirit wear and drinking beer.

Shakespeare in Summer

I don’t think you could ever have seen so many grandparents converge on one city all at once… 

Caitlin had the lead in “Kiss Me Kate” for her final role in the Kings Players summer production, and Colin got his first real part too, as the Padua Priest and general chorus member. The Boy had a great time, made some new friends, and it generally kept him out of trouble (…or got him into to trouble, depends on your perspective).

Caitlin was truly fantastic, as was her boyfriend Seth, who played opposite her in the male lead. I mean, we knew the two of them could sing, but we didn’t know they could SING! Yeah, we are obviously biased, but we really, really, really think those two were the strongest leads we’d seen in the 5 years they’d been involved.

Danger Boy

What this post will tell you is: Boy Danger is BACK!  He’s just about to become a deputy belt in Taekwondo, one stop shy of becoming a black belt. In another year or so, he’ll be all like…ninja and sh!t… 

He’s also been working on his golfing skills and he’s outdriving his grandmother (no small feat, grandma’s got game), got his first birdie, and can pop the collar on his polo shirt like a good club boy should. 

So in order to balance out the prep boy profile, we sent him east, for weapons training at Camp Bob? He got to go on his very first serious road trip with Grandpa Bob, where driving is the main aim of the game. We’re pretty sure Colin didn’t drive, but wouldn’t necessarily place bets on that. 

So he’s a golf going, club swinging ninja that’s a good shot. 

And he’s grown about 12 ½ feet. 

Good luck. I’m going to hide in the basement.


The dogs were looking a wee bit sad lately, and they decided they needed a vacation. So Chris and I packed up the Subaru, tossed in the dog beds, and drove north, to the Traverse City area of Michigan and back to Chris’s old stomping grounds of Interlochen. We rented a sweet little house on a lake, watched the 10pm sunsets, hiked through sand and art shops, and discovered that Otter is agoraphobic and actually doesn’t prefer vacationing at all. 

Check Your Luggage, There Might be a Claytor Inside

Oh to be a Claytor kid…spoiled rotten beasts. In the span of one year, from June 2012 to June 2013, they’ve traveled to Korea, Japan, Jackson Hole Wyoming, Florida, Arizona, Puerto Rico, and finally this summer - Germany, France, Hungary, Austria, and the Czech Republic. 

It’s obvious, isn’t it?

They’re international super-spies.