Sunday, August 25, 2013


Caitlin had a HUGE senior year of high school. We had to install a GPS beacon on the kid just to remember where she was. 
 It was the usual, you know, show choir, madrigal choir, IMEA choir, Honors Choir, Marching Band, Orchestra, Section Leader, trips, trips, and more  trips. Actually, we cloned her. It was so much simpler that way.  Now we have seven Caitlin’s. 

 She kept up her promise to herself and made her prom dress AND jewelry for graduation too.
She was awarded the Senior Medallion for Vocal Music 2013 which meant she got to be blinged out for graduation. Oh, that’s right, she GRADUATED!  In the RAIN!  Cause rain is FUN!  And it was about 57 degrees too, cause cold rain at graduation makes it that much more memorable.