Sunday, August 25, 2013

Danger Boy

What this post will tell you is: Boy Danger is BACK!  He’s just about to become a deputy belt in Taekwondo, one stop shy of becoming a black belt. In another year or so, he’ll be all like…ninja and sh!t… 

He’s also been working on his golfing skills and he’s outdriving his grandmother (no small feat, grandma’s got game), got his first birdie, and can pop the collar on his polo shirt like a good club boy should. 

So in order to balance out the prep boy profile, we sent him east, for weapons training at Camp Bob? He got to go on his very first serious road trip with Grandpa Bob, where driving is the main aim of the game. We’re pretty sure Colin didn’t drive, but wouldn’t necessarily place bets on that. 

So he’s a golf going, club swinging ninja that’s a good shot. 

And he’s grown about 12 ½ feet. 

Good luck. I’m going to hide in the basement.