Sunday, August 25, 2013


Oh the Pathfinder, that dutiful soldier of an SUV, the memories, the trips, the stuffing of all things muddy in the back. It was rusting and only three doors worked, and we always had the favorite kid sit next to the door that opened, ya know, just in case. We said we’d drive it ‘til the wheels fell off, and well, we pretty much did. The last week we drove it was spent avoiding potholes, curbs, and slow moving squirrels. I had visions of hitting a bump and watching the wheels bounce down the road…yeah, it was time.
So after driving that (heap) for over a decade, Chris finally got the car of his dreams.
No, not a sports car. Nope, not a big truck.
But a Subaru Outback.
(shhh…don’t tell him it’s a station wagon)