Sunday, December 14, 2014

Dad's Day at Illinois, Antartica

Remarking on what pure luck it was that we would be able to go see an Illini football game for Dad's Day when it was such a lovely 20 degree fall day, we head south one fine, "Crisp" November day to meet up with Caitlin.

Wearing 87 layers, (actually, I wore 18 articles of clothing in total) we head up to the "band family" section of the stands which adds a few hundred feet in elevation and therefore subtracts a few degrees from the balmy 20 or so it was.

Chris rehearsed his dad's day dance in the morning, one of the highlights of the day. He shakes his a$$ on the 50 yard line with reckless abandon.

(He's front row, immediately right of the guy in the bright orange sweatshirt, working it like he owns it.)