Monday, December 21, 2015

I’m with Homeland Security, he’s with Interpol

I never get to go ANYWHERE! (Does anyone believe me? No? Well then…) It’s quite rare for me to travel lately on my own, much less back to back – first for a quick Mom visit to Connecticut and the very next day to Tucson for a work gig. Art, flowers, cacti, blah blah blah computer training, computer training, and did I mention computer training, followed by storms on our one and only “short” day. No surprise there… 

Chris decided he’d travel for work too. No where good though. Just, you know. The Netherlands.  And Germany. He perused Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and Frankfurt…dam.  He saw an art installation of tiny green men in  Romer square and in Amsterdam was entertained by an old man riding a scooter in nothing but a pink speedo while playing an international game of coaster Frisbee and singing “THUNDER BAY!” to the tune of Stars and Stripes forever. 

 Who had the better trip…you all can discuss amongst yourselves and let us know.