Monday, December 21, 2015


Immediately following their 2014 Dublin St. Patrick’s day trip, the Marching Illini found out they were going to New York City to perform in the 2015 Thanksgiving Macy’s Day parade. Because, you know, that happens to everybody right? Awesomeness followed by more AWESOMENESS! 

(Someone please tell Caitlin her life’s not real?)

The Marching Illini had a Sunday departure with a Monday arrival. After baking dozens of cookies for the 20 hour bus ride, Caitlin and the band arrived in NYC and went directly to the 9-11 Memorial followed by a boat ride, the Statue of Liberty, Macy’s pep rally, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, shopping on 5th Avenue, Top of the Rock at Rockefeller center, shopping in Times Square, Blue Man Group at Astor Place, rehearsal in Jersey, an alumni reception, pep rally in Times Square, Empire State Building visit, actually MARCHING in the Macy’s parade (with a 2am call time), followed by Thanksgiving dinner at the Times Square Marriott before seeing the Rockettes at Radio City Music Hall Thanksgiving evening…and because that wasn’t enough fun to shake a stick at, they then boarded up the buses that night and drove to Chicago to play Solider field on Saturday. 

Have you caught your breath yet? Cause we sure haven’t. Touring like they were being chased by Justin Bieber in a Wildcats uniform while singing “Wrecking Ball”, Caitlin and the Marching Illini took New York City by storm. We all desperately watched the parade on TV, each one of us inadvertently capturing a screen shot of some other mellophone player that could have been Caitlin but wasn’t. We carpet bombed Facebook with every video and photo we could get our grimy hands on, we were THAT stoked to share the experience they were having. While the televised performance went by in a flash, there’s a great video of the Marching Illini doing a crash concert smack dab in Times Square.