Monday, December 21, 2015

Michigan almost Canadian

Why: It seems we’ve managed to establish a fine, FINE habit of traveling on our anniversary. 

When: October, just in time for fall colors.
Where: Big Bay, Upper Peninsula Michigan on a little spit of land that sticks out into Lake Superior
What: hiking, biking, swimming (yes, in Lake Superior, yes it was 50 degrees outside), fireplace fires, fire-pit fires with whiskey marshmallows, lunar eclipses and seeing the Milky Way for the first time in a long time.

How: To get to a proper cabin from Chicago:
Drive north. Drive north some more. Drive so far north you can wave to Canadians (Hi Canadians!)
Then turn left.
Drive until you get to the town that says "road ends here".
Turn right.
Take the singing road (Michigan is weird) to the house with the old guy out front that waves.
Turn left.
Don't freak out that it's a dirt road.
Take that, but stop before the car gets wet. That's Lake Superior and Subaru's can do a lot of things, but they sure don't float.
If the house looks like a forest was sacrificed in its making, then yeah, that'd be a proper cabin.