Monday, December 21, 2015

The Nature

The Plan: take the Boy out of suburbia and show him “The Nature”.

The Why: Suburbia’s manicured parkways, monotonous clipped hedges, and inundation of technology and concrete does little for one’s betterment. You have to smell the trees, feel the dirt, embrace the humidity of summer, enjoy the mosquitoes…crap…so may fu$%!*ing mosquitoes. Good thing we had Kelly’s homemade essential oil bug repellant that totally didn’t work. But hey, at least we weren’t bathed in petrochemicals and we smelled like neem and sandlewood and citronella for days no matter how much we bathed and ohgoodgod whose idea was this!?

The How: With the sweet benefit of “summer hours” Colin, Otter and I went outside each Friday possible to spend time in that wondrous, soul feeding, spirit lifting world that is The Nature.

Or at least that was our intent.

We tried a woodland path and a prairie path.

A swamp path, because nothing says fun like a swamp in August. 

We identified oak trees and cottonwood trees and maple trees, not to mention pinecones and acorns, hereafter to be known as pinecorns. We saw cranes and egrets and deer.

And Colin learned that if you text and hike, nature will throw a branch on the path and suddenly he’s covered in mud. Nature 1, Colin 0. Fantastic!