Thursday, January 7, 2016

The Adventures of Caitlin Francis & Dudley Dog - Available on Amazon

I originally wrote and illustrated this book about 18 years ago as a birthday gift for Caitlin. I'd given her a stuffed animal dog that was bigger than her - she'd named it Dumbo Dog. Since I figured Disney might have something to say about that name being used (you know, after that whole Jonas brothers debacle... Mickey Mouse ) the dog was renamed to Dudley.

The real Dudley Dog
Dudley Dog has been around for a long time now - he's even happily attending The University of Illinois with Caitlin (although he might be the one that actually goes to class).
Dudley Dog - Uof I Champagne Urbana

The book has undergone a few story edits and some illustrations were updated - it's come a long, long way since the original for sure.

I decided to put it up on Amazon because I'd had enough people ask me if they could buy it. It's been available on Blurb (and still is) but the manufacture/print on demand cost skyrocketed and made it unreasonably priced. (But if you want a hardcover - it's still the only bet Caitlin & Dudley - hardcover at Blurb)

So - now that you all asked for the damn'll go and buy a copy, right?  Yeah, I won't make any grand plans with the proceeds just yet.

Amazon: The Adventures of Caitlin Francis & Dudley Dog