Saturday, October 1, 2016

Big Gig

We thought it was pretty cool when Colin and his band “The Difference” played at the middle school talent show. And we thought it was pretty cool when Colin and The Differences played Scott’s going away party out of our garage and people actually stopped to listen (our neighbors love us...right?). And we thought it was really cool when they played at the Home Bar, and Colin played on the big stage at St. Zachery’s summer festival with El Rey, and that time they won the Battle of the Bands at Frontier Days.

We thought, you know, pretty damn good for a bunch of teenage boys that noodle around and learn songs via YouTube and stuff.

But then there was that time when Colin said:

“I think I might need a ride to a thing. Band’s playing.”

“Oh. Ok. Where?”

“Um. Soldier Field.”

“Ha. You’re funny. No. Really. Where are we taking you?”

“Um. Soldier Field?”

“You know that’s a stadium in downtown Chicago, right?”


“And that’s where you’re playing?”


Like, no big deal, we’re a couple a teenage boys, we got a gig, now give us a damn ride. Holy Shi!t. He’s playing Soldier Field. Like…really. OMG!? How the hell did THAT happen?
As it turns out, Chicago being Chicago and all…it’s who you know. And it seems one of the kids knows someone, who knows someone and there you have it – next thing you know they’re playing a set for a Marathon cancer fund raiser at Soldier Field. They played for about thirty minutes, met a TV newswoman, sang and played their little hearts out…at 8:30 in the morning.

Nothing says wake up Chicago like a little Nirvana in the morning.