Saturday, October 1, 2016

Cheese Curds & Beer

Once again, the Claytors were lucky enough to accept an invitation to the Wisconsin north woods and join the Nobles at their family’s lake house.  This was especially great this year because it meant that a much needed break for Chris coming home from working in Europe…
Did someone order some kick-ass with a side of freedom?
Sadly we were short one kid, Colin had scored some concert tickets that he didn’t want to miss out on. And besides that, he had already endured 2 full weeks vacationing with us in Holland (poor kid) so it was all the “drinking age” Claytors on this trip!
Cocktail Cruise – Engaged!
As happened last year, there was all manner of swimming, boating, watersports, paddleboarding, and good ‘ole relaxing family time.

We all again flexed all our foodie muscles and cooked up steaks, chicken, brats, and Chris’s Maryland Crab Cakes (probably made enough for half the houses on the lake…!)

And no matter how life is treating you, we’re pretty convinced that the cure for anything that ails you, is a good soaking in fresh water, a bold refusal to count calories, being out of wifi range, and falling asleep to the sounds of loons calling across a north woods lake. Kelly and Caitlin had a close up encounter when a tiny hummingbird hit the cabin window and fell into Caitlin's hoodie. Kelly carefully extricated the bird and let it sit out the next round of cocktails while it recovered. The bird flew off into the pine trees a little while later - with Kelly yelling, "It's ALIVE!!!" and throwing her hands up, victorious. She sure does like The Nature.

We can’t wait for next year to hopefully do it again!