Saturday, October 1, 2016

Chris stamps out the Socialists with 'Merica-ness

So what exactly happens when the over-nurturing, over-feeding, doting-on-everyone parent of the family decides to take a temporary work assignment to The Netherlands?  Well – I’ll tell you.  First off, it’s not in Amsterdam…more off the beaten touristy path than that in a sleepy little town of Dordrecht, just outside of Rotterdam.  Yeah…in The Netherlands?!?
Work tasked me (sort of) to see about straightening out these Dutchy folks.  Or maybe it’s that I’m to learn about the Dutchy folks and straighten us American types out…I forget?  It’s a work in progress.  Maybe it will work, maybe it won’t.  But either way, I gave it a shot.

I settled in, found a place to live and tried to fit in to my new surroundings.  You know, blending in…absorbing the ambience, assimilating to the culture, a different pace of life, new foods, a strange language…

Luckily some coworkers at the office helped me to navigate life’s basics – getting around on public transportation, where to find food, and how to navigate the city streets and bike lanes

And perhaps most importantly, I found a Dutch language tutor nearby who will hopefully get my horrid pronunciation figured out.

Although challenging, I’m sure the opportunity will be one I’m glad I took advantage of (after the wounds heal…)