Saturday, October 1, 2016

Say it with me now...DRAMA!

One would think we would have learned our lesson with the first kid – but I guess there’s no avoiding the arts in an “arts” kinda family.

Colin, following in his big sister’s footsteps, joined “Spotlight Youth Theater” and got a chorus part for his first show, Les Miserables.

Then for his next show, was part of the huge cast for “You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown.”  He had an awesome time, continued to turn out great singing parts and be a super reliable cast member; even being tasked to understudy for the actor playing Linus.
During the run for Charlie Brown, it became my turn to serve as the “volunteer parent.”  I had some set building experience with Caitlin’s theater group “The King’s Players”, however Colin’s group tasked me as “Backstage Dad” reporting to the Stage Manager.  And although this meant I didn’t have to start showing up until dress rehearsals, I would be involved in nearly every one of the 14 performances over a 2-week period.  
 See how they get you?

Having never worked “backstage” I had my concerns about what was involved as well as why the hell they picked me for such a task.  But after a couple rehearsals I have to admit, it was totally cool. 
Muscle the bigger stage pieces around to where they need to be?  Check.

Listen to the director calling the shots from the booth?  Check.

Maintain, reload, and fire the confetti canons on cue?  Yeah, I got that.

Quietly intimidate a bunch of children (8-18 years old) to get to their damn places when their damn supposed to…dammit?  Can Do.

Spotlight runs three shows per year, and next up was “Hairspray”. Colin auditioned and was given a speaking role and while I’m bummed that being on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean prevented me from volunteering again, he had another stellar experience. 

Hopefully I will be there to join him for future productions.  Because you know, quietly intimidating children seems to be a gift…?